July 9, 2017

Green Earth Construction | How A Company Saved a Nursing Home From A Snow Storm

In a small crowded market like Buffalo Roofing, It is difficult to find a way to truly differentiate itself from competitions. One of the company that has done it is Green Earth Buffalo Construction. We had a chance to give Rodney an interview earlier and got a chance to have a really cool story of how the business gets started, the struggle and his advice for other Buffalo business owners. So how did you first start your Business? After coming back from UC Berkeley in 2012 and after getting my license in General Contracting, I started out doing sub contract work. I was the largest sub contractor in Buffalo around 2012. I get to work with the bigger companies. the […]
July 7, 2017

Top 3 Website Design Mistakes Costing You $$$

Top 3 Website Design Mistakes   How do you know the website you paid $$$ are bringing return on your investment?   So you have already built a website and finally managed to get regular amount of organic traffic coming into it. Great! However, after a few months you begin to realize phones are not ringing all that much and your inbox stays relatively empty. Not a lot of people seem to be visiting your website even though you are already on the first page of Google. So what went wrong? Maybe the people in your field are simply not searching up for you online. The no.1 Web Design mistakes for you is that your website is not truly optimized […]