July 24, 2017

What’re You Focused On? ROI, Hours Put In, Or Facebook Likes?

As a business owner are you focusing your attention on return on investment, the amount of work being done, or social media likes by your development or marketing agency? Let’s get right to it, I’m very passionate about this subject because I’ve seen too many business owners getting kicked in the you-know-what when it comes to what is being tracked and how much new business that company is ACTUALLY generating for you. In this article I’ll go over a few tricks your marketing company wont want you asking. If you are in the contracting business then your ideal conversion metric is phone calls coming in from potential customers, that way you can go out and give quotes and close deals. […]
July 7, 2017

Top 3 Website Design Mistakes Costing You $$$

Top 3 Website Design Mistakes   How do you know the website you paid $$$ are bringing return on your investment?   So you have already built a website and finally managed to get regular amount of organic traffic coming into it. Great! However, after a few months you begin to realize phones are not ringing all that much and your inbox stays relatively empty. Not a lot of people seem to be visiting your website even though you are already on the first page of Google. So what went wrong? Maybe the people in your field are simply not searching up for you online. The no.1 Web Design mistakes for you is that your website is not truly optimized […]
July 6, 2017

6 Signs You’re Getting Scammed By A Digital Marketing Company

Do you ever wonder what your digital marketing agency actually does for you? Do they ever use terms that confuse you and they can’t break it down into something simpler (SEO, PPC, CPC, VSEO, RWD)? Do they tell you it takes more than 6 months to rank your website on the first page of google? Are they Ranked 1st on Google for ‘SEO’ and claimed they are ‘SEO expert’? Most companies that sell themselves as digital marketing experts but are unwilling to educate you on what they do is a bad sign and you should ruuuunn! But what if I already have a company doing all my online marketing and I’m skeptical? Well then you’re screwed!….. Kidding… Take these tips […]