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July 25, 2017
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We had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Depriest and find out what his, fully insured, locally owned and operated company is all about.

He’s worked in this industry for well over 10,000 hours, and in 2014 he decided to branch out and start his own company. Upon starting Mike wanted to set the culture, values, and pace of the company exactly the way he envisioned a business should run. In order to produce a high quality product he needed to find the right team who also shared his values and would do the job exactly as planned within budget and on time.

Enter Mike

What inspires you to run a business like this?

I absolutely love seeing a customers reaction when they see the work that has been completed, we get people who are so excited to have a piece of art on their driveway or sidewalk. We started off with offering more services outside of concrete but people enjoyed our work so much that we became known for that specific service. Which is good because we enjoy it and the customers are happy too.

If a customer was to choose between your business and 3 others just like it why would you suggest they give you a shot first?

We focus on quality over quantity, we don’t take every project we encounter because we want to make sure every customer gets full and complete attention to detail and the quality they deserve. We focus on the small measurements and making sure everything is straight and visually appealing.

The joy I get is from when customers come home and they react by saying, “this is so awesome” or “you gave me the nicest driveway on the block”. We’ve had our customers neighbors come out and tell us that when we pour concrete it almost looks like poetry or art being made in real time!

What were some challenges you faced when opening?

Luckily I had a good team to begin with that I worked with previously and all of them were trustworthy people. They understood the quality of work we want to produce and deliver.

For concrete paving reach out and say hello to Mike from Depriest Contracting!
Check out their website: www.depriestcontracting.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/depriestcontracting/

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