Green Earth Construction | How A Company Saved a Nursing Home From A Snow Storm

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In a small crowded market like Buffalo Roofing, It is difficult to find a way to truly differentiate itself from competitions. One of the company that has done it is Green Earth Buffalo Construction. We had a chance to give Rodney an interview earlier and got a chance to have a really cool story of how the business gets started, the struggle and his advice for other Buffalo business owners.

So how did you first start your Business?

After coming back from UC Berkeley in 2012 and after getting my license in General Contracting, I started out doing sub contract work. I was the largest sub contractor in Buffalo around 2012. I get to work with the bigger companies. the experience has allowed me to understand the ins and outs of the industry, which led me to opening up Green Earth Construction. The company is now 5 years old.

Can you tell me more about Green Earth Construction and what you do?

We are a nationally recognized Green builder, so after getting my degree in Green building. Hence the name Green earth construction. We try to use Eco Friendly materials, some of the materials that we use are recycled products that are also life time guaranteed. We also have a sister company called Buffalo Roof Rescue.

Even though Buffalo is a smaller city, there are many competitions out there for Buffalo Roofing. How are you different from other Buffalo Roofing companies?

For us, it’s about going the extra mile for customers. The quality of workmanship that we do and the life time warranty in Eco friendly materials is what sets us apart from other competitors out there.

Buffalo Roof Rescue sounds very interesting. Could you tell us more about why you started the company and what it does?

In 2014 Buffalo had a huge snow storm. A lot of houses were under snow. West Seneca and Hamburg area had anywhere between 8-10 feet of snow in certain places. Since we own a rescue vehicle, it allows us to go to certain places. We went in and not only help out families but also certain businesses that were under heavy snow.

One time we were over at a Nursing home with a population of 1,500 people that needed evacuation. We stayed 72 hours and removed an entire snow load off the roof and made sure that the building is secured and people were able to live there.

Why Buffalo Roofing and Construction ?

We are the 3rd generation of Contractors. My father has been in construction for a number of years. It gives me inspiration to do what I do.

Do you have any advice for other Buffalo Entrepreneurs and Business Owners out there?

Doing business in Buffalo is great. You have the family and the friendship. People say hello to you, they respect you. It’s been a blessing.

I would say Inspiration is the biggest advice I can give to other Buffalo Business owners out there. Put yourself around other people, the experts that would help you execute your grand plan is the best way to achieve your goal.

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