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Today we sit down with Mike from Hi-Mike Hi-Tech, and immediately upon arriving in his company vehicle he’s impossible to miss! His logo stands out and he makes it very easy to contact him. Mike has been in this business since he was a teenager and now he runs it like no other repair business is run. Everything is based around the customer’s needs and wants. Most people work full time, so finding time to fix a laptop or phone can be a real struggle.

By calling Mike he will come out to where YOU are located, whether that’s your home, work, an appointment, it doesn’t matter; he will fix your device.

Enter Mike

Tell me about the beginning what started it all for you?

When I was just a kid I realized very early on that I like fixing things with my hands and I that was good with technology. Everyone in my family knew that I was going to become an engineer and pursue that path!

What inspires you to pursue the business?

I love when I can meet with people and help them fix something that is very important to them. A smartphone has become an extension of who you are and if the screen cracks or the phone breaks people get really upset because it’s something they rely on so much. If you go to the carrier store for a repair, they will usually try to sell you a new phone claiming the old one is unfixable.
One of the most heart warming moments I have experienced in this business was when I had a woman come to me for an iPhone repair job and she told me Apple was not able to correct the phone, so she had doubts about if anyone else could. When I met with her I took the phone and it first glance I did not know what was wrong but I did notice that the home button was looking a little off. After digging a little deeper into the problem I found the solution and all of a sudden the phone was working 100% and the home button was the main issue that I had to fix.
Knowing I did something a corporation wouldn’t do gave me a great sense of pride and fueled me to help even more people. Now I am on my path to growing this business and offering even more services.

Check out Mike’s website: himikehitech.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/himikehitech


Pavel Ketsuk
Pavel Ketsuk
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