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July 29, 2017
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We had the privilege to sit down with Jessica from The Massage Studio Buffalo and find out what her full licensed practice is all about. Instantly upon walking in I felt a comforting atmosphere with dimmed lights that was soothing enough to help me feel like I was transported into another land.

Jessica has worked in this industry for many years and she found a passion in helping people not only relax, but soothe their muscles so they feel refreshed and amazing after their session. The most important quality of the business is the culture that was built around serving the client, adjusting the massage based around their needs, and talking to them like they are an individual rather than just another customer.

Enter Jessica

What inspires you to run a business like this?

What inspires me the most is watching a client come in and tell us they have pain and then leaving with a lot of tension realized off their body. Most people have back problems or tension that can be relieved, whether it’s from sitting too much or standing, and helping them deal with the pain is very fulfilling.

If a customer was to choose between your business and 3 others just like it why would you suggest they give you a shot first?

When you walk into most other massage therapy studios you aren’t getting the exact amount of time that you booked. Meaning when you book an hour massage you are actually getting 50 minutes. At the end of the massage you are also being up-sold into purchasing a monthly membership and contract that is near impossible to get out of. Sometimes when you are in a trans-like state and feeling euphoric you aren’t in the best mind to make such a commitment.

When walking into our studio you get a full hour if you book and hour. In fact we advise that you arrive early so that you can be set up to get the full amount of massage time that you booked. Through the massage if you have any areas you need concentrated, for no extra fee, we will focus on that specific area. Along with every massage you provide hot stones, also completely free, and even though most people are hesitant to try them, we have never had someone tell us they didn’t enjoy their experience.

Upon leaving the studio you are not sold into any memberships or contracts. However we get a lot of first time users who instantly book again.

What were some challenges you faced upon opening?

We want to make sure that all our clients feel the culture of our studio is relaxing, laid back, and overall calm without any pressure. Hiring the right people who support our vision for the future was definitely a challenge, but it is one that we tackle head on to make sure we are top of the line and every client feels at home here.

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