What’re You Focused On? ROI, Hours Put In, Or Facebook Likes?

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July 15, 2017
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As a business owner are you focusing your attention on return on investment, the amount of work being done, or social media likes by your development or marketing agency?

Let’s get right to it, I’m very passionate about this subject because I’ve seen too many business owners getting kicked in the you-know-what when it comes to what is being tracked and how much new business that company is ACTUALLY generating for you.

In this article I’ll go over a few tricks your marketing company wont want you asking.

If you are in the contracting business then your ideal conversion metric is phone calls coming in from potential customers, that way you can go out and give quotes and close deals. If your ideal metric is email submissions you want to know exactly which campaign is working best for you, then double down and spend all your advertising budget on that one campaign.

Tracking Phone Calls

With each campaign that you release you need to make sure there is a different tracking phone number so that way you know exactly how many calls are coming in from that effort.

For example if you are setting up a TV commercial to run for your business you want to have 1 phone number dedicated for that campaign so that you know exactly how many calls came in and how many of them you closed. If you made enough profit to float your boat, great! Do it again!

If you create a yard sign make sure you have a different phone number then you use on the TV commercial so that you know exactly how many phone calls you get from placing them in people’s lawns. The same goes if you run a Google adwords PPC (pay-per-click) campaign, you want to know exactly how many phone calls came in and if it’s worth your money to continue advertising.

What not to do

You absolutely should not use the same phone number for all your marketing efforts, meaning you have the number on TV, yard signs, Google adwords, Google organic, Facebook, thumbtack, yelp, your neighews tee-shirt, or newspaper advertising (If you’re doing any of the last 4 please stop).

Tracking Email Submissions 

Make sure your landing page is setup correctly.

Pavel Ketsuk
Pavel Ketsuk
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